A Peek Inside My New Studio

The new year is typically a time for introspection and looking forward to the future.  It comes to many as a much-needed renewed sense of energy in the dead of winter, and to others as a benchmark. I myself have not yet ‘outgrown’ my enthusiasm for each coming year.  I enjoy the motivating energy it charges in me.  This year I chose not to make a bunch of unattainable health and fitness goals, but instead focusing on one main area: my career.

This year I found myself with dozens of excuses for why I was supposed to slave at yet another job that gave me no joy and kept me a million miles away from my passions, so I began planning an escape from the cycle.  It is my turn to put my work an energy into my own creative passions and create my own future. While I know it is one large container of many tiny tasks, and the journey will be very difficult, I am determined.

I am wrapping up all hobbies into one beautiful little package: dressmaking, art and vintage clothes all buttoned up with some social media savvy;  I hope to create an exciting new business focused on slow fashion. Of course every artist needs a stunning studio to work in: so that is where my labor began this year: setting up my new studio!

If you are an avid sewer or crafter you can understand that this is an exciting moment. I will no longer have to poach the dinning room table for a large messy project or spread sewing machine parts all over the floor while repairing one for myself or a friend.  No more shall my personal closet be crammed with sewing and vintage finds leaving my personal wardrobe little more than 3 cubic feet!  I now have a space that although small is ample  room to create and grow my business in comfort.

Like everything worthwhile, I have been taking my time to fill it bits and pieces with exactly the elements I need, case in point – it took nearly a whole month to track down the right work table.  In fact, I had purchased 3 wrong ones at big box stores before I stumbled on the perfect one at a thrift store for only $20!

Just like my style, the elements are eclectic (and perhaps a bit eccentric) but it does the trick at creating a comfortable and inviting space to work and create. Each and everything has a story: shelves from old boards we’ve had in the shed for 10 years finally seeing the light of day again; vintage glass bowls full of buttons just like my grandmother had (my daughter digs through them like a chest of jewels and treasure just like I did at her age); curtains from thrift & vintage fabrics that have literally been reinvented 3 times for past apartments; and even my late grandfather’s collection of vintage Polaroid cameras decorate the space. How delightful!

I really look forward to using the space to share some more great tutorials and articles with all of you and even more excited to work on the beginnings of my vintage boutique (coming soon). So enjoy the peek into my studio and perhaps it will help inspire you as well!





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