Slow Fashioned is Back and Better Than Ever

After a nice long sabbatical, Slow Fashioned is back!

In our time off we have reassessed what is most important to our eZine and to the Slow Fashion movement. Now, with a renewed sense of commitment and boost to our motivation [thanks to dear friends and Slow Fashion enthusiasts] we are ready for more. We would like to continue to share the principles of slow fashion and resources with you, our readers; and just hopefully inspire you to change the world starting in your own closet.

Stepping up from our casual opinion editorial style, our new format has a stronger focus on more refined, informative, and scholarly articles. Below you will find how future topics are divided into the new categories:

  • Features [special feature articles]
  • Headlines [industry & environmental news and announcements]
  • Interviews [interviews with designers, authors, and more]
  • Publications [reviews of books, scholarly papers, and reading lists]
  • Resources [slow fashion tips, how to’s, and resources]
  • Reviews [slow fashion designer and retailer reviews]

And just like our motto, we are going for “quality over quantity”. Of course, some months we may be more prolific than others, but everything we bring you is guaranteed to be great.

You will find that we have cleaned up the website too, not only for a fresher look, but to make navigation a little easier as well. Rest assured, all the old content is still there; searchable by title, author, date, and/or tags but has been sorted neatly into our new master categories. So, poke around, read through some old articles, stay tuned for our new ones, and join in the conversation!

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    woot!!! so glad you are back :) as always no issue with you being ‘slow’ as that is kind of the idea :D just glad to see another great outlet for my slow fashion needs back in action!

  2. Glad to hear this! As a clothing designer very concerned with creating ethically produced pieces, I know it’s so important to help people find alternatives to mass-produced clothing.