The Versalette — 1 Item, 15 Ways

The Versalette is a new type of slow fashion, a super-versatile item that can be worn 15 ways!

15 ways to wear the versalette1 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 WaysBorn from the minds of two seasoned adventurers, Kristen Glenn and Shannon Whitehead, {r}evolution apparel began as an exploration of stuff, style, & sustainability. Chronicling their journey to build a fashion brand that challenges the paradigm of fashion + consumption along the way they uncovered how American shopping habits affect the rest of the world and carved out a new type of eco-friendly fashion.

The Versalette is the first and signature piece of what promises to be a great slow fashion label. This versatile garment was designed with functionality and sustainability in mind and is made from 100% recycled materials in the US — the perfect foundational piece for a Slow Fashion wardrobe!

Although, the Versalette is not in stores yet you can pre-order your very own Versalette and help {r}evolution apparel change the face of the fashion industry by supporting their Kickstarter campaign!

13 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 Ways
2 146x146 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 Ways6 146x146 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 Ways8 146x146 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 Ways15 146x146 The Versalette    1 Item, 15 Ways


Go to Kickstarter today and put your money to work by directly supporting the creation of a great new apparel brand that will change the face of the fashion industry!

Images courtesy of {r}evolution apparel.



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  1. Anna wrote:

    Jolier One is much more prettier than The Versalette!