Like many I begin the new year by thinking about what is really important to me.  I enjoy reflecting on the previous year’s triumphs & failures and planning for the future.

Several pages of my journal are now scribbled with affirmations, intentions, and goals. My resolutions include: an improved yoga routine, the goal to find a job i love, and a re-dedication of  intentions to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

What resolutions did you make?

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  1. MJ wrote:

    Finding a job you love is definitely a resolution many of us have! Some of mine include producing better blog content, get back into the gym after a 3 month hiatus, and get my other writing projects off the ground!

  2. Casey wrote:

    A few of my goals are: to become lose more weight and work on becoming more healthy, to get a workout plan in place, blog every day for one year, and work on my patience.

    I am so excited for your new ventures since you’ve graduated! Keep us updated!!

  3. Casey wrote:

    It, also, looks like I need to work on proofreading before pressing send LOL

  4. Marcia Furman wrote:

    I absolutely love starting off with a new year! Every year, at the end of December I review the year and make a list of all the awesome things that happened. Then, I make a list of goals for the next year. When I have the goals on paper, there’s a much higher chance that I’ll actually go through with them. It’s fun!

    • i spent new years in front of the fire with some champagne and the man talking about things that were successful and highlights from 2010. the best way to ring in the new year i think!

      i totally agree about writing it down. it holds me more accountable to achieve my resolutions!

  5. Marcus wrote:

    You’re goals sound fantastic. Me, I don’t like making resolutions just because they make me feel bad about myself. I’ve had the same one since I could remember though, which is be a better person than you were last year. I actually just wrote a short new years blog, but instead of talking about everything I wanted to change, I decided I would talk about the things I’m looking forward to.

    • resolutions should be motivating not negative. if you get a bad vibe from resolutions you are so right to avoid resolutions and instead just look forward to some great things! one of my affirmations that i wrote down was to feel less guilty about missing a day of yoga, i want to follow my resolutions, not feel like a slave to them or bad that i didn’t achieve something.