Beauty and the Geek

In the same way that I want sustainable fashion to become the norm, a fully integrated part of all production and retail; I also want to see fashion embrace technology, in  particular online presence.  It would be a match made in heaven: beauty & the geek!

In a recent article Tarik Malak of SWELL [a creative fashion agency] said something that I am inclined to agree with:

“In terms of fashion, I think the industry is still incredibly conservative. When brands use Twitter or livestream their catwalks, everybody seems to think it’s the most modern thing ever. To me, that’s not innovative. It’s a dilemma we’ve seen a lot of recently, where fashion brands and techies don’t really know what the other is fully capable of doing for them.” – Tarik Malak

I have seen the disconnect with my own eyes on hundreds of fashion websites and blogs.  Fashion sites lag behind, slow to adopt new technologies.  But I do think the gap is closing.

Fashion e-commerce has been at the front of web-technology since the early boom. More recently fashion websites were quick to create iphone apps.  Fashion news sites as well as bloggers used to merely present and publish information.  Now, there is a move towards participation, aggregation, and creation.

I want to see more collaboration with tech start-ups, new technologies like image recognition technology and complete social integration! Fashionistas and tech-geeks need to collaborate.  Great things can be created!

Who wants to help geek out my blog?

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  1. Marcus wrote:

    I would love to help geek out your blog! And I can’t agree with you enough, although I have noticed that a lot of magazines have been embracing technology. I would have never thought Vogue would have, of all magazine, would not only have a twitter, but now a tumblr. They have also completely redesigned their entire website to make it incredibly techno. Check out, the old vogue compared to the new vogue is like comparing a pair of Manolo’s to Jimmy Choo’s. (Excuse me for being so gay) but I would have never thought the day when Vogue would get a Tumblr.

    • thanks Marcus!!! vogue did a great overhaul, and they are on the right track!

      i want to see more from the big companies though. i think that e-tailers should have ‘paper doll’-like apps so you can virtually try on all their clothes on your iphone, android, or computer. major fashion publications [like Vogue, Elle, etc] should offer their monthly magazine through Kindle or other e-readers. there is just endless possibilities!